Sectorial Retraining Center

Promoting vocational education for the economic progress of the country and the personal development of each individual became the basis of establishing a sectorial retraining center in Georgia. In addition, the center aims to help the state by supplying qualified personnel to the market. In this regard, the involvement of the private sector plays a unique role.

This is our strategy for next few months. Business people and manager working on their new project in classroom.

A Council of Experts will be formed in the database structure, where high-qualified specialists from various fields will discuss business development in Georgia and priority investment projects. They will prepare the necessary recommendations for the development of the country for various state agencies. They will also form the retraining center and its continuous improvement, present their knowledge and experience before investors and international organizations representing.

The Organization aims to give each individual an opportunity for continuous professional development through on-site education and exchange programs/seminars/pieces of training organized by the Business Chamber.
Besides, the aim of the mentioned center will be the sectorial improvement of the staff. If it is not possible to mobilize relevant specialists in the technical field in the Georgian market, the Business Chamber will invite the appropriate expert trainers from abroad. Upon finish of the retraining, the center will issue an International Certificate.

The following sectors will be represented in the Business Chamber:

  • Agronomy
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Food technology
  • Forestry
  • Engineering
  • Exact and Natural Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Marine sciences

Three ranks of professionals can register on the platform:
1. Beginner specialist
2. Specialist
3. Expert