Benefits of Business Chamber Member Companies

The Business Chamber of Asian and Gulf Countries offers its members:
• Familiarity with the legislation, informing about changes, which is the most important component for starting and developing a business in a foreign country.
• Creating information and advertising material about business potential in Georgia and beyond;
One of the important directions of the company “Geosilkroad” was the creation of a creative agency – “Geocreative”, which offers one-time marketing services to members of the Chamber in six languages.
• The Chamber ensures that meetings are organized for potential partners to present and further expand business contacts. Joint events, conferences and gatherings will allow organizations to build useful connections. The location of events and annual meetings will be constantly changing, thus allowing members to better communicate the business climate of their own country to colleagues;
• A platform will be set up to expand capabilities and reduce risks within and beyond Georgia.
• In addition, an online space is being created where information is constantly updated – available to all member organizations. Special profiles of specialists in different fields will be posted on the special portal, which will make it easier for the members of the Chamber to select staff, avoid their risks and waste of time resources.

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The Chamber concentrates on the following areas:

  • Agronomy
  • Livestock
  • Food technology
  • Forestry
  • Engineering
  • Exact and natural sciences
  • Architecture
  • Marine Sciences

By joining the Chamber the Experts and specialists will be able to:

• Gain experience at the international level, within the framework of “Knowledge Export”, and return to the homeland with new experience. This activity will not only increase the qualification of specialists in Georgia, but also make it easier for investors to find and select the right staff;
• To present their knowledge and experience to the representatives of the “Silk Road” and the Gulf countries or international organizations;
• To contact not only investors, but also to engage in large-scale projects, to contribute to current events in the local and international arena;
• Strengthen and expand trade unions both locally and globally;
• Improve qualifications through certified courses or “workshops” in the relevant field;
• In addition, Chamber members specialists and experts will be able to share their knowledge with beginners in the same field in the form of forums, workshops or trainings; At the same time, get acquainted with the news and trends with the help of foreign experts invited by the Chamber, who will share their international, industry experience.