Consulting Center

For the effective functioning of BCAGC and the maximum involvement of its members, the Association will establish an information center to consult in business, legal, financial, and other related fields. The center will simplify the entrance of investors into the local market, based on an explanation of current legal processes in the country and the normative acts, reducing the risk of possible unfair approaches by new business partners to the investor.

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Want to Increase Sales in a Down Economy?

The center’s purpose is to consider the doctrinal principles regarding carefulness: investors in a foreign country are cautious and constantly monitor current legislative and political changes. They study the present political-economic climate and the factors that can appear soon.
Information about the laws is not widespread among citizens, especially for foreigners. The complex language of the law – which may only be comprehensible by lawyers and specialists of the field – appears to be a significant barrier. In some cases, foreign investors misinterpret law because of the language gap, hindering establishing a relationship. That is why the center will concentrate on providing authentic information and legal support to its members.
Leading international/local companies and sectorial professionals will be the staff of The Consulting Center. They will attend periodic meetings with the founders/presidents of the Organization to discuss various problematic issues related to business development in Georgia.