The Essence of Our Concept

On July 13, 2021 Business Chamber of Asian & Gulf Countries BCAGC was established, which unites the states of Asia and Gulf (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Sultanate of Oman) and small, medium, and large companies - including individuals seeking membership and who are interested in the investment environment of the South Caucasus and/or considering the commercial opportunities available here.

The Business Chamber promotes the attraction of foreign investments, capital investment by Georgian companies in the countries of Asia and Gulf, establishing international connections, and strengthening existing business relations. The goal of the organization is to make a significant contribution to business development, also, in establishing an effective global vision, and identifying existing challenges or opportunities.

The Business Chamber of Asian & Gulf Countries has an approved strategic document, which clearly explains the mission, vision, development and monitoring plans of the Business Chamber.

The uniqueness of our union is due to the renewable base of experts and qualified specialists - this is one of the distinguishing features of the niche in the international arena.


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Framework of the Concept

The idea of creating a Business Chamber is based on the judicious use of Georgia's strategic location and the demonstration of the country as a Trade Corridor for the development of investment, commerce, educational and cultural relations.

The establishment of international business chambers has a considerable impact on sustainable and stable economic development. Later it becomes a base for potential investors to minimize and insure possible business risks through the organization.

In this regard, the essential purpose of the Business Chamber of Asian & Gulf Countries is to create a conducive environment for discussion among companies, government circles, and civil society representatives. The main priorities of the organization are, on the one hand, the deepening of business relations between Georgia and Asian and Gulf countries and, on the other hand, the promotion of new trade and economic ties.
According to the founders, the country's advancement must maintain a long-term economic growth rate above 5% and reduce inflation, which, in turn, implies the introduction of mechanisms for rapid entry into the local economy. These steps lead to the development of a free market, a healthy, competitive business environment, and the strengthening of the principles of a liberal economy.

It is necessary to stimulate interest regarding the investment environment not only in the Asian and Gulf countries, but also in European countries to double the GDP of Georgia and support the plan of government.

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