Vision and Mission

Constant Way to Development

Our Mission

The mission of the Business Chamber is to deepen trade and economic relations and establish new connections between business entities of Asia, Gulf countries and Transcaucasia; For this purpose:

  • Identify export corridors and investment spaces through cross-country and sectoral studies;

Strengthen representative offices in all 46 member countries of the Business Chamber and maintain direct communication channels between business entities and governmental/non-governmental agencies. Strengthen international trade agreements between countries and corporations.

  •    Expansion of representation in 80 countries.
  • Provide access to international export markets and financial resources for members of the Business Chamber, along with this, protect their legitimateinterests at the local and international level and in the process, encourage the strengthening process of eco-friendly value chains.
  •   Development of human capital in demand on international labor markets and export of knowledge

Our Vision

  • The Business Chamber is a structurally sound organization whose vision is focused on the formation of a business climate that will be as attractive as possible for foreign investors.
  • Members of the organization share the vision that a free market based on the principles of equality and legality is an important cornerstone for modern, successful states.
  • The aim of the Business Chamber is to promote the development of an equal and tolerant business environment for representatives of different nationalities and cultures.

We are committed to the ideas and values around which we united

What makes us stand out from others is our attitude and vision. We work continuously to ensure that our activity in the market is of a public nature and brings positive results. We believe that each person can contribute to the growing well-being of the world. That is why one of the main vectors of our activity will be the discovery and development of opportunities in people.  

We are committed to the ideas and values around which we united