Mediation Center

A mediation center will be set up for members of the Business Chamber. Mediation is one of the alternative forms of dispute resolution. Its role in business relations is remarkable, both in protecting the privacy and a quick, effective problem-solving mechanism. If the relationship between the parties is so tense that there is a confrontation of positions, mutual accusations, or advancing the legal arguments, it is advisable to transfer the dispute to mediation.

Top view of businessman hand interfering to stop collapsing dominos. Over blue background.

Mediators help you to settle a dispute – of any kind – out of court

The mediator will help the parties find a mutually acceptable solution that will help resolve the dispute by mutual agreement without undue expenses. Voluntariness, confidentiality, impartiality, and flexibility are the principles of mediation. The center will function according to the Law of Georgia on Mediation.
For the implementation of all abovementioned, the center will be staffed with qualified mediators, lawyers, and financial specialists to identify existing dispute issues thoroughly. The Business Chamber will cooperate with the Mediators Association of Georgia by organizing training, workshops, and round table meetings to increase the center’s efficiency.