September 27 – The greatest pain in the history of Georgia

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September 27 is one of the most tragic dates in the history of Georgia. 28 years ago, on this day, Sokhumi fell and a united Georgia lost part its family and a loving part. The armed conflict in Abkhazia began on August 14, 1992 and lasted no more and no less than 13 months and 13 days, killing numerous civilians.

Time passes, but the great pain that every citizen of Georgia experiences never subsides. The sense of loss left by the past grows with the years and emphasizes the inevitability of reconciliation for each of us. There is no alternative to peace and friendship with Abkhazians, to which it is possible to walk step by step and only with love.

The tragedy that took the lives of innocent people at the instigation of others remains forever in the hearts of Georgians, but the future, full of great hopes and faith in unity, gives both sides the opportunity to restore the best relationship that has existed for many years.

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