,,Global Patidar Business Summit”

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,,Global Patidar Business Summit'

With the official invitation, the delegation of the Business Chamber of Asian & Gulf Countries, led by the First Vice President, David Tsirdava, is present at the ,,Global Patidar Business Summit” in the city of Rajkot, India.

Members of the delegation are: Director of the Indian company, Konkan Financial Capital Fincap Ltd Nbfc and Vice President of ,,BCAGC” Ajay Tambe and Ilia Gabaidze, Director of Megadoors . მეგადორსი , an associate member of the Business Chamber.
The five-day event unites business circles from different countries of the world, creates international level business platform and offers business leaders the opportunity to establish mutual contacts.
First Vice President of BCAGC, David Tsirdava thanks Dr. Mustafa Taheralი Saasa, Chairman and Managing Director of RAJ Group of Companies, UAE and the organizing company ,,Sardadham” for inviting him to the summit, as well as for the special honor shown by inviting to the stage at the opening ceremony and participating in the opening ceremony.
“Events of this type definitely strengthen the business and respond to the challenges in this field,” stated David Tsirdava, while he was giving an interview to local media.
,,Global Patidar Business Summit''
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