Arab-China Business Conference

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Arab-China Business Conference

  • Posted by: Kati2022

The delegation of the Business Chamber of Asian & Gulf Countries BCAGC under the leadership of the First Vice-President, David Tsirdava accompanied by Vice-President in the direction of Gulf countries, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sabah, started the week of a working visit abroad.

Considering the agenda, the official part of the visit took place in Saudi Arabia, in particular, by attending the “Arab-China Business Conference” in Riyadh.
The event is organized by the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, which brings together government and business sector representatives, authoritative organizations and business associations from dozens of countries.
The main line of the conference is the expansion of trade relations and the identification of investment opportunities in various industries.
“We are focused to direct our presence here for representing the interests of Georgia as much as possible and to use the international platform for promoting our country, we hope that the results will not be delayed,” said David Tsirdava.
We are glad that the Business Chamber is a participant in such an important conference, which is definitely a great opportunity to present the potential and advantages of Georgia in the international arena.

Arab-China business conference

Author: Kati2022