Our mission

Road to development and diversity


Involvement in the business processes

Actively engage in all discussions or activities aimed at advancing the business climate in Georgia, Asia and the Gulf Region

Simplification of communication

Accelerate the exchange of authentic information between members of the Business Chamber

Protecting the legitimate interests of members

We assist members to achieve their goals and protect them against the risks that may arise during investing or trading


The vision of the Business Chamber concentrates on creating a business climate that will be most attractive for foreign investors. The members of the Organization share the view that a free market based on the principles of equality and legality is an essential keystone of successful modern states. The vital benchmark of the Business Chamber is to promote the development of an equal and tolerant business environment for people of different nationalities and cultures.

  • This value remains continuous with our vision
  • Our pillar consists of three principles – Respect, transparency and honesty

We are dedicated to the ideas and values that unite us

What makes us distinctive from others is our attitude and viewpoints regarding our job. We continuously work so that our activities on the market is public and brings us positive results. We believe, that every single person has the ability to contribute towards the increasing wellbeing of the world. For that reason, one of the main vectors of our activities is discovering people’s possibilities and developing them.

We are dedicated to the ideas and values that unite us